Sunday, December 30, 2012

Angkat Berat

First time mengangkat boxes yang banyak dan berat. Half dari 29 boxes dari supplier tu, aku sorang je yang angkat since driver takde, boss takde, member lain pergi holiday. Member sorang lagi ni pregnant 5-6 bulan. Takkan nak suruh dia tolong angkat kot. Iskk, tak boleh, tak boleh. 

Disebabkan energy dah banyak terbuang, aku jadi LAPAR. Nak makan NASI lah. Tapi seluar dah kotor, so aku pergi pharmacy beli snacks and air Vico 2 kotak. 

Tangan aku dah merah-merah dan bergetar-getar sebab mengangkat boxes tersebut. Hm. Kesian aku.

Monday, December 10, 2012

7 Ways To Tell Your Boyfriend You Cheated . .

Hey guys!
I would like to share some info about CHEATING.
This info is for anyone out there who cheated but afraid to tell your partner about your dishonesty.

When you are trying to tell your boyfriend you cheated on him, you've got to make sure that you stay calm.  This means not getting into hysteric and crying right away. That can probably come later, but you want to stay calm at first, because truthfully, this is something that you did and you have to own up to it.

Never ever to defuse the situation or manipulate his response by doing it in public. While his reaction might not be the best in the world, you've got to face it. You've got to make sure to tell your boyfriend you cheated in private. It's a private matter and no matter how he reacts, he has the to find out in private versus in public.

When you are dealing with cheating, you've got to be upfront and honest with your boyfriend. You want to make sure you tell your boyfriend you cheated as honestly as possible. How long ago was it, what night was it, who was it? These all are questions that he is going to ask about you and you want to make sure that you can be honest about them.

When you do finally find a way to tell your boyfriend you cheated, be direct and outright. You don't want to beat the around the bush and just mention that you have something to talk to him about. You want to make sure that you are totally outright with him. Just tell him that you cheated, spit it out.

As you figure out how to tell your boyfriend you cheated on him, you have to make sure you have a plan. Don't do it after a nice dinner and just before you part ways. Instead, why not just go over by house, be direct and open and just tell him. Have a plan, but make sure that the plan includes you being forthright.

Girls, you have to understand that when you learning how to tell your boyfriend you cheated on him and you finally spit it out, you are going to hurt him. It is just something natural, something that is going to happen. You hurt him. You're going to hurt him and there might not be anything that you can do to make him feel better.

Finally girls, the last thing that you'll need to understand when you are telling your boyfriend you cheated on him is that he might need time. He might need time away from you, time to separate from you, time that you aren't around. You have to give him it , no matter how hard it is. 

Anyway for those who read this, cheating is not good. It can cause a lot of pain, hurt and downright anger. It happens though and if you're guilty about cheating, you've got to find out the right ways to tell your boyfriend/girlfriend about it instead of skirting the issue. GOOD LUCK ! ^^

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