About Me

A little bit about me:

I enjoying standing in the rain and getting completely wet. I enjoy traffic on a hot day so I can put my convertible top down and make eye contact with stranger. I like walking with my head held high instead of down so I can give someone subtle smile. I like turning my phone off for a few hours so I can have some time for myself and myself only. I like the smell of a new book that I can't wait to read. I like early mornings driving back home from a great night out with friends. I like getting goodnight and goodmorning texts form you. I like not knowing what future holds for me. I like being weird. I like putting my hair up in a high after a long day. I like the thought of me being with you. I like how I want to travel the world. I like the determination I have for myself. I enjoy the small talk me and my dad sometimes have. I like when people smile back and forth at each other. I like when I see people helping out a complete stranger. I like long conversations with people I will never see again in my life. I like how I no longer love you and need you in my life. I like my imperfections. I like everything about my life. I like how I don't want the center of attention. I like how I have never had a long relationship because I have always waited for that special someone. I like how I am when I'm with you. I like how I do not need to be with someone all day everyday. I like it when I think of you .. I like how I have enough money to get away for a week. I like how I have friends all over. I like my personality. I like how I get weird when I think you talk to other girls because I know that I like you. I like how I need coffee to function. I like my Mum. I like your Mum. I like how someday I want to be a Mum. I like looking at pictures of happy people, it does not make me jealous. I like hearing about people I went to school with and their success stories. I like how I am not a fighter. I like how I can calm someone down. I like that I can someday see myself with you. I don't like the life I live. I love the life I live :)

>> I'm not always as confident as I seem. There are many nights and many days when all I want is to be held. I love being held. Always. Sometimes I don't want to talk about what is bothering me. Sometimes I just want a hug. Someone who will let me cry. I like when boys cry in front of me and when people aren't afraid to show what they're really feeling. I don't like when people run from their true feelings because it doesn't do anyone any good. I know what it feels like to be completely broken and I am too familiar with what it means to be hurt.

>> I am a dreamer. I have a lot of dreams that I want to achieve in my life. I want to be a successful person like Michelle Phan. She's really inspired me. She has a successful career, a family who always stand by her, a boyfriend who always support her, her friends who loves her, her fans who never stop trust her and herself who never give up in order to make a dream come true. Dear Mish, I will try harder to make my life better as yours. God bless my dream. Amen.