Friday, October 24, 2014

The Walking Dead

The first time I watched The Walking Dead was about a year ago. Jatuh cinta pandang pertama dengan drama series zombie ni. Lagi-lagi ada Steven Yeun a.k.a Glenn. He's a Korean. And also Andrew Lincoln a.k.a Rick Grimes. He's hot, man. Like freaking hot! (bagi aku lahh)

Okay, cukup-cukuplah pasal HOT-HOT ni. Anyway ada banyak cerita berkaitan zombie yang aku pernah and dah tengok which are The Zombieland, The Walking Dead, World War Z, The Cabin in The Woods (not really a zombies movie tapi memang ada zombie), REC, Resident Evil, Shaun of The Dead, Warm Bodies, what else. Zombie kita saya tak layan sangat sebab selalunya genre comedy and it's not fun to watch. I mean like come on, it's about survival things. You can't make a fun of it because death is not a fun thing. One thing that makes me really like watching these zombies movies is because it's teaching you on how to survive.

And by the way, for you guys out there who love zombies movie/drama too, here are the list:
1) Quarantine 2: Terminal - 2011
2) The Dead - 2010
3) Dead Within - 2014
4) Decay - 2012
5) Edges of Darkness - 2008
6) Germ Z - 2013
7) Flight of The Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane - 2007
8) Night of The Living Dead: Resurrection - 2013
9) Open Grave - 2013
10) Rammbock - 2010
11) Remains (Steve Nile's Remains) - 2011
12) Rise of The Zombies - 2012

Ada banyak lagi sebenarnya. Kalau nak tahu, search sendiri kat youtube atau wikipedia. Jangan malas-malas LOL . Anyway happy watching. God bless. Bye   ^___^

Monday, February 24, 2014


Semalam (Feb 23, 2014) saya, Martine, Beth and Herman planned nak tengok wayang and we have chosen Pompeii. Cerita Pompeii ini     mengisahkan kehidupan masyarakat Roman di Itali pada abad ke-6 atau ke-7 dan juga beberapa orang hamba atau lebih dikenali sebagai gladiator yang berlawan antara satu sama lain di gelanggang yang dipanggil Colloseum. Pompeii terletak kira-kira 8km berhadapan dengan Gunung Vesuvius (Mount Vesuvius). Jalan cerita agak menarik. To those yang suka sejarah, saya sure korang akan suka.

Kalau berminat nak tahu sejarah atau lebih lanjut tentang cerita Pompeii, korang boleh tengok kat Youtube search "Pompeii: The Mystery People Frozen In Time - History Documentary".

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Happy Valentine's Day to all couple around the world. Also to my parents, my grandparents, my aunts, my uncles, my cousins, my nephews, my nieces, my friends, my babe and his family, my puppy, to Tutu (ikan saya) and Zoe.

And by the way, I had so much fun on Valentine's Day with my friends and also my love.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Wrist Surgery

On 28th January 2014, I had an appointment for wrist surgery at Hospital Miri. Tangan aku ada satu ketumbuhan which is called "Hand Ganglion Cyst". It was my first surgery and I hope it's the last tapi dah tentu lah tidak sebab masa nak beranak nanti kena bedah jugak. Ganglion hand ni tak berbahaya actually tapi saya nak operate jugak sebab saya tak suka tengok benda tu kat wrist saya. It makes my wrist look so damn ugly! Urghh!

**Before Surgery**

**After surgery**

Dah hampir dua minggu after surgery. Praise the Lord tangan kiri saya dah boleh bergerak dan mengangkat barang-barang yang ringan. Tapi tak boleh bergerak sangat, sebab saya tak nak bagi pressure kat tangan. Semoga tak ada scar dan paling penting semoga benda tu tak tumbuh balik. Amen :))

Friday, January 17, 2014

Just Saying

You know when you meet someone, and they're not like super attractive or anything, but you start to get to know them, and the more you do, the more adorable they become, until they've literally become the most attractive person you've ever met, just because they're such a great person, and you just really like being around with them. And then people say "I don't know what you see in them." And your only answer is "What is there not to see?". Because you're so focused on how awesome they are, you've forgotten that most people don't get to see the side of them. And although it's kind of sad, it's actually kind of nice, because then it's sort of like a special thing that you two share, and nobody else will ever understand how completely wonderful they are.