100 Random Facts About Me

1) What is your favourite movie?

2) As a child, I wanted to be _________ when I grew up.
     A teacher

3) What is your favourite song of all time?
     Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold

4) What is your favourite colour?

5) If you could remove one thing from the world, what would it be?

6) What is your favourite festival?

7) What is your favourite book?
     The Pearl

8) What is your biggest fear?

9) Is there anything your regret doing in your life?
     I regret of meeting all my ex's. I wish I could turn back the time and just be single until I met my true soulmate.

10) What was your favourite cartoon as a child?

Now I will share another 90 random facts:

11) The first movie I watched more than once in theatre was 'Epic'

12) When I make a cup of tea, I use the same tea bag twice each day.

13) My favourite recording artist is Melissa Francis, local artist.

14) My husband and I enjoy long hugs and we love hugging.

15) My favourite genre of movie is action and thriller.

16) I attended Catholic baptism courses on 2009.

17) I don't really like shopping.

18) I hate people who smoke cigarettes next to me and blow the smoke as if I'm invisible.

19) My favourite outfit is any comfortable long pants with T-shirt or blouse.

20) I frequently have nightmares.

21) When I got a letter from my college about graduation's day on 2013, I immediately booked a return flight ticket for my parents and my sister. Reason why I did this because I wanted them to watch  me wearing a graduation outfit while receiving a certification on stage. I wanted them to be proud of me.

22) I'm a dog person.

23) I love to cook.

24) I've been married for almost a year. Even though my marriage is still new, but I will cherish every moment spend with my husband.

25) I hate messy and dirty home.

26) I love singing. My husband who does not care of my bad singing will listen to it until I'm done.

27) I wish every holiday was Christmas.

28) I owned my first Barbie doll when I was 13. It's a gift from my mom for getting a second place in class.

29) I hate people who use a profanity when they talk.

30) I enjoy picnic.

31) My favourite pastime either writing, reading or singing.

32) I'm a virgo but I know it doesn't mean anything.

33) I'm 5' 11''.

34) I'm a business graduate.

35) I hate liars.

36) I rarely say 'Sorry' but I mean it when I say it.

37) I used to dance back in college.

38) I rarely watch TV now.

39) I don't like to follow trends.

40) I can count the number of friends that I have.

41) I'm a bit obsessive of cleanliness and personalization.

42) I can spend hours organizing so that it looks like the way I want.

43) I also love to organize my mobile home screen and my husband's desktop.

44) Everything in my husband's desktop is perfectly organized in folders within folder, within folder....

45) And I spend a lot of time on such things that no one ever cares about.

46) I still love backing up stuff by emailing myself.

47) I hate alcohol and alcoholic.

48) I never smoked a cigarette.

49) I like ice-creams as much as you do.

50) But I love cake.

51) And I love french fries.

52) Diet? Absolutely no.

53) I wanna be a vegan.

54) I don't call others bad words (in fact I hate when you use it) even if they annoy me.

55) I think I overreact when there's no real reason and don't react at all when there's a reason to do so.

56) I don't give compliments unless I feel you truly deserve it.

57) I'm a good listener but if I get excited about the topic then expect frequent interruption.

58) I hate bullying and if you bully me or others then you're simply giving me a chance to ignore you forever.

59) My favourite number is '8' since childhood.

60) My favourite weekday is 'Sunday'.

61) Of course it was 'Friday' when I was at school.

62) I think and overthink about almost everything.

63) I can spend countless hours doing nothing but thinking.

64) I can live without the Internet or even a PC if I want.

65) I rarely give promises but if I do, I give all effort to make it true.

66) I never stop Googling things.

67) I hate Lenovo (although I'm using it now)

68) I seek perfection in almost everything that I do.

69) And I love all things perfect.

70) If I like you then you can't annoy me easily.

71) I had a severe mood swing in 2012.

72) I'm curious about almost everything that I know/want to know.

73) I love writing and blogging.

74) I started my first blog on blogspot.com in 2010 I guess.

75) There was a time when I was addicted to Twitter.

76) I don't read newspapers except for job advertising part.

77) I hate politics, politicians and people who talk politics.

78) I don't like people who typ lyk dis.

79) I hate it when I words with incorrect usage of uppercases or lowercases.

80) I like people who display their real name on social media.

81) I love to celebrate my birthday - because I want to eat cake.

82) I always take photo of myself but rarely post in on Instagram.

83) Sometimes I'm motivated and sometimes I'm not.

84) Sometimes I don't mind waking up in the morning, sometimes I don't. It depends on what reason I have to wake up early the next day.

85) I can sleep from 10pm and wake up at 1pm the next day.

86) My ideal evening is sitting on a couch, cuddling with Martine while watching movie.

87) I've been with Martine for 3 years now - we spoke for the first time at my workplace where he's doing his internship at the same time.

88) Martine is three years younger than me.

89) I can go a day without drink a glass of water since I was 13.

90) I don't wear earrings since 2012.

91) The destination on my must-visit list is London, Seoul, Tokyo, Asutralia, New Zealand. I can't wait till I can finally go!

92) I don't know if I will ever have children.

93) A colleague once made me cry in stock room on 2009. And the second time was on 2014 when the owner of car servicing company which is my boss scolded me for no reason.

94) I'm addicted to Candy Crush Soda.

95) I'm an adopted child and I love my family.

96) I love cold weather and snow. Wish I could play snow one day.

97) I'm very good at multitasking (working only). But when it comes to watching TV and talk on the phone at the same time, I can't. Especially when kids are making some noise at the same time. I will get distracted and will not understand what the movie is about.

98) I collect movies. I have ton of them.

99) I don't know how to roller-skate. Or roller-blade. Or ice-skate.

100) I'm scared of escalator. And really reallllly bad at balancing my body on escalator. Or on anything, anywhere.

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