Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Online Experience

A few weeks ago, I had a harrowing, enlightening experience that, believe me or not, it's nearly made me change my name. It was one of those moments when you realised that you have either take full responsibility for some idiotic foolishness you had committed when you were much younger, or forever wallow in mysterious anonymity and claim, "That wasn't me".

I had been curious as to what would happen if I googled my full name in quotes for some time. I wanted to try it but I was so scared. I remembered I had created the Yahoo! profile years ago, back when Hotmail was still everyone's favorite webmail service and Google had not yet become a verb. I was impulsive and idealistic, and so my description of myself at the time was perfect. Then I forgot all about Yahoo! and moved on.

Unfortunately, yahoo! did not forget about me. I can only guess how many people have googled me over the years and read that Yahoo! profile. I know folks do it because I often do it myself, whenever I need to do some research associate, or even when I meet someone new, I always turn to Google to do some digging. HAHA! Who doesn't? Photos, blogs, Yahoo! profiles, it's all there. Thankfully, my Yahoo! profile was the only embarrassing piece of persona I found online about myself. Not so for many other folk, so I've been told. When someone mentions your name in their blog, it shows up on Google. When your school publishes the name of the players on its football team, the show up on Google. No matter how careful you are about preserving your anonymity online, you will be Googled.

The only way you can stay nameless is if you are a complete and utter recluse with no friends to write about you, no family to take photos with you and no bosses or co-workers to tell something about you.

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