Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Baby For Mom and Dad

My parents do have a grandchildren. But the fact is they never get the chance to live with or raise any of them. They only get to see them once in a while. Which I think is the saddest part of being a grandparents. The moment they meet their grandchildren, I can see how happy they are. The way they smiled at the baby, the way they hold the baby, the way they looked at the baby..... I know, I can feel it. How I wish I am married now so that I could give them a grandchildren, just to make them a perfect grandparents. **sigh** Mom, Dad, saya akan sempurnakan hidup mak ayah dengan kehadiran seorang bayi suatu hari nanti. Mungkin dua orang, mungkin tiga, who knows. Semoga diperkenankan Tuhan, amen. God bless you both, Mom Dad. I love you.

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